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Ease the stress of your relocation with a quick house sale

The opportunity to relocate may have come about because of a new job offer. Or you could simply decide you want to change your life, up sticks and move to a new country or a different part of this country.

The question is, can you make it happen?

Can you move fast enough?

The problem for most people is that they’re unable to sell their house fast enough to take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

Often job offers come with an agreed relocation date. Or there could be other reasons you need to move fast, such as school or university term times or other family commitments. It takes money to start a new life, and it can be extremely frustrating to be tied to your old life because of lack of funds.

Your house in Guildford is probably your primary asset, but unfortunately, marketing and selling your home through an estate agent takes time. They’ll need to value your property, take photos of it, post it online and then hopefully set up viewings. Once you have a buyer, you’ll have to wait for the legal process to take its course.

The worse thing when you want to relocate is being stuck in a chain. Your plans can end up being put on hold indefinitely while the sale of your house goes through. And heartbreakingly, buyers can pull out at the last minute and then the whole process starts again.

The freedom to start afresh

Selling your existing house in Guildford at the same time as purchasing a new one in a new location can be near to impossible. It may not always be advisable either.

Often, it’s better to rent and really get a feel for the new area or country before you commit to buying. If you’ve already sold your home, you have the freedom to do whatever you want – either buy immediately or rent.

It can be a life-changing experience to be able to start afresh with no property baggage and have the money in the bank instead.

A quick cash sale can make it happen

The prospect of relocating is extremely enticing, but you can find yourself missing out on the chance of a lifetime because you can’t move fast enough.

Often, it’s the stress around organising what will happen to your current property that prevents the dream from coming true.

Selling your house for cash lets you strike while the iron is hot. No estate agents, no long-winded legal process, no unreliable buyers. Instead, you have a guaranteed cash sale – fast and with no hassle.

Your property and its location are valued, and you’re given a quotation, which you can choose to accept or not. If you decide to go ahead, the legal work is taken care of, and funds are released quickly.

Suddenly, you can find yourself in the exciting position of having the money you need to relocate and embark upon your new life.

Would you like to discover how to make your relocation plans come true by selling your house fast?

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