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Selling your home when moving abroad

Moving Abroad - Sell House Quickly

Deciding to move abroad is exciting and life-changing. You may be choosing to re-locate to be closer to family, to enjoy your retirement in a warmer climate, to seek a new job opportunity or just because you are ready for a change and you want to start afresh somewhere new.

Whatever is motivating you to make the move, there is a lot to consider before it your dream can become a reality.

One of the initial decisions you will need to make is whether to sell or rent your existing property.

Sell or rent?

There are pros and cons to both. Can you afford to move overseas without selling your home? Do you want the security of having a property to return to if things don’t work out?

If you can afford to emigrate without selling, and want the security of a property to return to, then renting may be a better option. However, on the downside, renting the property whilst you are away means you will need to hire a company to manage the property and tenants, and this could be expensive. You may also have higher tax to pay on the rental income.

If you don’t think you will want to return, then selling your home will give you a cash injection and will enable you to make a completely fresh start.

Selling your home quickly to move abroad

One key consideration when deciding to sell your home to move abroad is setting an achievable completion date.

Selling your home on the open market is a notoriously slow, and often a stressful process. It can take weeks for a property to complete, and there is also the risk that your property chain could break, leaving you, and your plans, in a very vulnerable situation.

When emigrating there is a lot of paperwork and red tape to get through. You will have to propose your intended move/completion date to the authorities in the country you are intending to live. This means you need to ensure you achieve this move date, and minimise any risk there may be of not achieving it. Missing your emigration completion date could be very expensive.

So what is the best way to sell your house when moving abroad?

Getting a quick cash sale is a guaranteed, convenient and stress-free solution. You won’t need to think about making any repairs to your property or refreshing the décor to make it more attractive to potential buyers. At Sell Your House Quickly Guildford, we will buy your property in any condition.

You also won’t need to open your house up to viewings and endure the stress of price negotiations. We also pay all legal fees associated with selling your property, so you won’t need to instruct a solicitor and you won’t have any legal fees to pay.

Selling your house in Guildford to us is a quick, easy, no fuss solution. You will have an offer in hours and the sale will be completed within days. A perfect solution when selling your home to move abroad.

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